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Daily Mail, November 26, 2011


Osborne Pounds 5bn Bid to Help Small Firms ; Taxpayer Cash Will Go to Banks to Make Them Lend

GEORGE Osborne will next week launch a multibillion pound scheme to boost lending to small businesses. An adrenalin shot of Pounds 5billion to Pounds 10billion for growing companies will form the centre piece of the Chancellor's mini-Budget on Tuesday.

Clegg Pushes for a Tax Raid On the Super-Rich

BANKERS will be hit with tax hikes in next week's mini-Budget as the Coalition insists those with the 'broadest shoulders' must bear the greatest burden of paying off the national debt. George Osborne is preparing a fresh raid on the financial sector to help fund a scheme to help the young and jobless, senior Government sources say.

Will World War Iii Be Between the U.S. And China? ; China's Vast Military Machine Grows by the Day. America's Sending Troops to Australia in Response. As Tension Between the Two Superpowers Escalates, Max Hastings Warns of a Terrifying Threat to World Peace Saturday Essay

ON THE evening of November 1, 1950, 22-year-old Private Carl Simon of the U.S. 8th Cavalry lay shivering with his comrades in the icy mountains of North Korea. A patrol had just reported itself 'under attack from unidentified troops', which bemused and dismayed the Americans, because their campaign to occupy North Korea seemed all but complete.

The Plan for Failure ; Daily Mail Comment

SO this is to be Plan B. Faced with the nightmare of youth unemployment at more than 1million, Nick Clegg wants to soak wealth creators and hand Pounds 1billion to firms that take on 16 to 24- year-olds. Aren't these the very policies that failed comprehensively in the 1960s and 1970s, almost wiping Britain off the map of the developed world?

Only Merkel Can Save the Eurozone Now ; Daily Mail Comment

AS an eerie silence falls over the eurozone's leaders, shares slump through another week, wiping yet more billions off the value of savings and pension funds. And so the world waits, dreading the worst, with all eyes on Angela Merkel.

Osborne's Pounds 600m Drive to Set Up Elite Maths Schools

GIFTED teenagers will be able to apply to new selective free schools specialising in maths as part of a Pounds 600million initiative. The money will be made available to set up 100 more state schools run by businesses, universities and charities.

Don't Miss Part 2 of Jamie's Christmas ; Free Inside Next Saturday's Mail

FREE INSIDE today's Daily Mail is part one of Jamie's Christmas - - a 32-page magazine with 25 reliable, hassle-free recipes Jamie Oliver uses at home for the perfect Christmas dinner. There's his step-by-step guide to The World's Best Turkey, perfect roast potatoes, amazing veg, stuffing and gravy ...and even his Nan's Christmas Pud! There are plenty of other puddings to knock your socks off, great ideas for party food and delicious meat-free dinners for vegetarians.

Can't Wake Up Early? Blame It On Your Genes

THE next time your partner complains about you sleeping in, don't feel guilty - you may just not be genetically programmed to wake up early. Scientists claim to have discovered a gene which controls how long we sleep.

George Michael Axes Tour As Fears Grow Over His Health

GEORGE MICHAEL dramatically abandoned his current tour yesterday after doctors revealed he is battling a 'severe' form of pneumonia. The 48-year-old singer was rushed to hospital with agonising chest pains hours before he was due to take the stage in front of thousands of fans in Vienna earlier this week.

Fleeced for Pounds 300,000 by Our Son,the Tasmanian Devil

WHEN her son Mark suggested she leave Britain to spend her retirement near him in Tasmania, Diane Cranage was delighted. She and her husband Roger, Mark's stepfather, promptly sent their Pounds 50,000 life savings for him to invest in Australia, then sold their house and moved down under.

Vatican: Yoga Is Devil's Work

YOGA is the work of the Devil, the Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed. Father Gabriel Amorth, who has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms in a career spanning 25 years, also attacked Harry Potter books for encouraging worship of the Devil.

Stop Wrinkles with a Bee Sting

PUTTING bee venom on your face may not sound like the most sensible skin therapy. But celebrities swear by the poison as an anti-ageing treatment - and now it's coming to the high street.

Operations Cancelled

THOUSANDS of operations, hospital appointments, scans and blood tests will be cancelled on Wednesday as NHS staff walk out. Many NHS trusts are drawing up contingency plans to treat only the most critically ill patients.

Classroom Chaos

ALMOST nine out of ten schools are expected be hit, disrupting the education of millions of pupils. The action will cause misery for working parents who will be forced to find alternative childcare as unions representing 500,000 staff at 20,000 schools take industrial action.

Gridlock at Airports

THOUSANDS of troops and police officers could be called in to help secure Britain's borders during next week's strikes. They are set to perform various 'security roles' in ports and airports when immigration staff walk out.

Strikes Will Shut Nine Out of 10 Schools ; Ministers Threaten Tougher Ballot Laws

UNION leaders are being warned they are 'playing with fire' as they prepare to close nine in ten schools, cancel thousands of NHS operations and cause gridlock in Britain's ports and airports. Senior ministers say unions have 'no mandate' to bring the country to its knees and are threatening to tighten strike law to prevent future industrial action being triggered by the small numbers of workers who take part in ballots.

Topsy-Turvy Autumn!

WITH plenty of sunshine, blue skies and mild temperatures, winter seems a world away. But rewind 12 months and the picture was about as different as it could be with early snowfall and freezing temperatures.

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