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Daily Mail, April 23, 2014


Farage Squirms As Bbc Man Asks If His German Wife 'Stole' a British Job [Edition 2]

NIGEL Farage was accused of hypocrisy yesterday over Ukip's 'racist' EU immigration campaign posters because he employs his German wife as his secretary. But as senior figures from the three main parties attacked his party's latest publicity drive, the Ukip leader insisted that no British person could do the taxpayer-funded job taken by his second wife, Kirsten.

1,000 Pupils Caught with Deadly Weapons in 3 Years ; 80 Were at Primary School - Including Eight-Year-Old with a Knife [Edition 2]

ALMOST 1,000 schoolchildren have been caught with lethal weapons such as guns, knives, axes and hammers in just three years, it was revealed yesterday. Two pupils a day are having weapons confiscated by police on school premises, including children as young as eight.

Boy Aged 10 'Raped Male Classmate in the School Toilets' ; He Was Acting Out Online Porn, Court Told [Edition 2]

A BOY of ten raped a classmate in the toilets of his primary school as he 'acted out' scenes from online pornography, a court was told. The jury heard that he approached a fellow pupil during an English lesson and asked if he wanted to have sex with him. Thinking he was joking, the other boy replied: 'No way.' But after the lesson the alleged victim went to the toilets and, as he went to leave, the defendant was said to have walked in and grabbed him. The court heard the boy then pushed him o...

Kate: How I Beat the Odds to Be a Mum Again [Edition 2]

IT TOOK years of heartache to have one baby - so Kate Silverton thought that having another was an impossible dream. But the BBC presenter has revealed how an alternative approach was key to beating the odds and becoming pregnant with her second child.

The Secret of Happiness? Go to the Library, Not the Gym [Edition 3]

KEEPING fit may convince us that a healthier life is a longer one - but it could be making us miserable. Those who fork out regular sums to attend keep fit classes or pay for expensive gym membership are significantly unhappier than those who don't, a report suggests.

Oap Dies Af Ter Seven 999 Calls and 2-Hour Wait for an Ambulance [Edition 3]

A PENSIONER died after an agonising two-hour wait on his bathroom floor for an ambulance. William Gouldburn, 73, collapsed at home but was not regarded a 'red' emergency despite seven desperate 999 calls.

He Gagged the Press and Had an Affair with His Brother's Fiancee... Now Giggs Is Boss of Man Utd [Edition 3]

THREE years ago, his family man image was in tatters when he lost a [pounds]150,000 legal battle to hush up an affair with a glamour model. Ryan Giggs's reputation took a further beating when his sister- in-law said she aborted his child two weeks before her marriage to his brother.

Two and a Half Years On, I'm in Remission

KIM Mawby was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 aged 40. But barely a year later she was told she had just six months to live because her chemotherapy treatment had failed to work, allowing the cancer to spread to her lungs.

Carlo Must Deliver the Elusive 10th Title for Real [Edition 3]

A FEW miles north of the Vicente Calderon, where Atletico Madrid were experiencing their biggest European night in 40 years, Carlo Ancelotti was dealing with what football is like on the other side of the Spanish capital. Just existing among Europe's top four does not cut it at Real Madrid. 'My God, failure is a terrible word,' chuckled Ancelotti. 'I can't say that reaching the semi-final is a success. The first goal will be to reach a final.' It is the glamour half of the draw; holders Bayer...

Two Free Tickets for Every Reader - Worth [Pounds]30 [Scot Region]

THIS year's Ideal Home Show Scotland promises to be bigger and better than ever before and with seven dedicated areas of your home, there's more than one reason to visit. The show returns to the SECC in Glasgow for the May bank holiday weekend from May 23-26, 2014.

Chinese Can Flood Britain with Prince Harry Thongs

WOULD you want to wear Prince Harrybranded lingerie? For jewellery, watches and even lace products could soon be on sale bearing Harry's name. A firm called Yiwu Novo Clothing Company Limited has recently registered the trademark in China, which is valid until 2023. The same company earlier registered the right to use the name 'Prince Harry' for clothing, which lasts until 2021.

Wills Buckles Down Under

NEVER mind Prince William's thinning pate. What about his expanding girth? Pictures of the 31-year-old Prince at Ayers Rock in Australia show him wearing a pair of chinos held up by an Argentine gaucho belt -- a popular combo with the polo set. But take a look at William's belt and you'll see he's got it on the very last notch. Look closer and you can see how the tell-tale holes show how he's let it out over the years.

Hurley's Blue-Eyed Boy

IT'S Elizabeth Hurley and her main man. The actress and model, who split from fiance Shane Warne earlier this year, but was recently snapped kissing photographer David Yarrow, has made public a picture of herself and 12-yearold son Damian (right). Damian -- Hurley's child by producer Steve Bing, who took a DNA test to confirm his paternity -- has inherited his mother's striking blue eyes.

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